Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trading System

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Trading system is make the point to do transactions, knowing contract model, and accounts contract point. 
A. Two way Opportunity
While perform transactions or does sell transactions, usually we buy proceeding then do sell. Two transactions model tricks in forex's market, which is:
 1. Buy Open - Sell Reserve
by does price rate of exchange buy contemn and selling by a stiff price.
 2. Sell Open - Buy Reverse
by does beforehand sell then closed by buy. Price sells to overbid from price buys, since a trader will get gain.
Buy-sell positioning take or sell-buy relates various thing kind and condition of market will determine time to buy and selling earlier. If expects positive market to currency (US $) will make market agent buys dollar. So too contrariwise, trader does sell while dollar ran down. Gain trader is difference of sell and price buys.
Politics situation, economy, and social a state becomes factor that regard market indication.
Analysis technical is one form beneficent analysis to determine buying and selling of. With see move history wields various indicator to know time buying and selling of.

B. Contract Size
Commission house will offer contract by use of trading is margin system. If currency one state always fluctuates and water down count, they offer to convert among state currency with flat rate (constant exchange rate). get link available various judgment kind a trader perceives to foot up that oversized and fond to do transactions, they offer other contract model that exist in mini forex.

C. Accounting contract point
Concerning played fund by investor or trader, even this mandatory to know trick accounts contract point.

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